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Referral Program

Much of the success we attain at Major Moving is the result of repeat and referral business. Our customers and housing industry friends know that they can trust us to provide top notch service for every move. We believe that people should be rewarded for their loyalty and that we need to make it easy for people to recommend us. As a result, we have developed two referral programs:

Friends & Family
Your friends, family members and associates will move from time to time. We’d surely appreciate it if you’d recommend Major Moving. Not only will we give them special treatment, we’ll give them a special price. Also, we’ll compensate you for remembering to refer us.

Major Moving recognizes the tremendous value real estate agents bring to our customers. In addition to recommending licensed real estate agents, we work closely with agents to ensure that their customers are relocated with maximum care and comfort. Our company is proud of the relationships we share with realtors and we enjoy rewarding those who recommend our services.