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Alexandria’s Best Movers

Alexandria’s Best Movers

Finding the Best Movers

“How do I find the Best Movers in Alexandria, Virginia?” 

We’re glad you asked. 

And, while we don’t mean to brag, we have the answer, and it’s us. 

Here at Major Moving, we have EVERYTHING needed to make moving to, from, or around Alexandria as dependable as the 18th-century architecture you’ll see downtown!

What Makes Us Different?

Alexandria's Best Movers

Packed to perfection!

For starters, we have exclusively five-star Google reviews, and there are loads of them. 

Check them out for yourself right here, the people don’t lie!

But, just in case you aren’t in the mood to read those reviews, we’ll summarize. 

We treat our clients like people, not numbers. 

When an item is entrusted to us, we show it with the same respect as if it were our own. 

We pick up and deliver our projects on time. 

Our team is courteous, kind, and professional.

As experts in the field, we offer comprehensive, full-service moving assistance. 

For these reasons and many others, we can confidently say we are the best movers in Alexandria, Virginia! 

Architectural Heaven!

Speaking of Alexandria, what a city it is! 

There are buildings here older than some states. 

Alexandria truly is a place of history and  architectural wonder. 

Of course, you probably already know all that, and we’re guessing it’s part of why you live here or are on your way to the city. 

But, on the off chance you’re unfamiliar, check out the amazing buildings, you won’t regret it. 

We love this city, and we also love getting to practice our trade in it! 

We are the best and most affordable local and long-distance Northern Virginia Movers. Whether you’re new to the area or it’s your childhood home, we will make your move into, around, or out of Alexandria a stress-free journey! 

Enough about the city, you’ve probably got some questions for us. Let’s tackle a few of them now. 

The Answer Is Yes!

“Ok, we can see you know and appreciate the city, but do you have the equipment and team to get the job done right?” 

Yes! We have excellent, well-maintained equipment and a passionate, experienced, and professional team. 

“My move is a pretty big one, do you offer financing plans?”

We sure do, and you can see our straightforward financing options here

“I’m leaving Alexandria and going across the country, is a move like that something you do?”

Of course! We specialize in long-distance moves and we’d be happy to help! 

“This all sounds good, but is it difficult to get started? I don’t want to be put on hold for an hour!” 

We don’t either, and for that reason, we make working with Major Moving VERY easy. 

You can give us a call or even send an email and our team will handle the process from there!  

That concludes our Q&A. 

Are You Ready?

We hope by now you’re ready to work with us! We offer local and long-distance moving services.

It would truly an honor to handle the heavy lifting for you and make whatever transition you face the easiest of your life. 

We care about what we do, and we will pour our hearts into making your move a wonderful experience.

It’s what sets us apart. 

So, if you’re looking for the best movers in Alexandria, give Major Moving a call or email today!

Alexandria's Best Movers