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Major Moving of the DMV: Local Moving Services in Stafford County and Northern Virginia

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We feel confident in saying that Major Moving of the DMV is the professional moving company Stafford VA can feel the most confidence putting trust in. That’s because at Major Moving, all we do all day everyday is plan, coordinate, and do the heavy lifting, loading, and unloading for local and long-distance moves.

As Stafford movers with a plethora of 5-star online reviews to our credit, Major Moving offers full-service packing, materials, hand tools, and the incomparable ability to make sure everything fits safely. We’re an above-and-beyond sort of company, the kind other local businesses like to do business with, and we’re as efficient and careful when packing and loading the contents of a small apartment as we are when doing one of those big corporate moves – and, of course, every size move in between.

Contact Major Moving of the DMV today for a free quote on our professional moving services for your upcoming move in Stafford VA. Call our home office at (703) 832-1347, email contact@MajorMovingDMV.com, or submit the simple form on the Contact page on this website.

Serving folks from Richmond VA to Front Royal VA to Washington DC, Major Moving is your top-rated, trusted hometown moving services company in Stafford VA!

Let Our Crew of Professional Movers Assist You Every Step of the Way

Our Orderly, Precise Process Makes Moving Your Home or Office Stress-Free

So you’re going to make a move in Stafford County, VA, huh? Or maybe you’re moving into Stafford from Richmond VA or Washington DC – a lot of folks are moving in from long distance, making Stafford County one of the fastest-growing in the country. (Heck, as movers in Stafford, we’re all for that! Welcome!)

One of the qualities that separates Major Moving from other local moving companies in Stafford VA is that our movers are true movers in every professional sense of the word. By virtue of the fact that our movers are laser-focused on providing the utmost in customer service, we use our accumulated acumen (from being open for business since 2005) to ascertain the most sensible, protective storage scheme for your belongings, then execute the plan so as to meet or exceed the parameters of our goal.

That means assessing what needs to be done firstly, then utilizing our assets – i.e., our capable professional movers – to get it done quickly. We come up with a step-by-step plan for moving all your belongings (furniture, beds, clothes, kids’ stuff, voluminous items, sports equipment, and so on) from your apartment, house, or office, onto our truck, and into their new home. Moreover, we’re storage experts, meaning we can use advanced packing and arranging strategies to efficiently position your stuff in our truck, so that we can move you faster than other Stafford County VA residential and commercial moving companies can.

Every crew at Major Moving of the DMV is led by an experienced mover, and many of our movers have been with us for years . . . and it shows in the quality of services they deliver. Our employees are the reason why we earn so many accolades for our moving services.

Major Moving Promises Unbeatable Customer Service On Every Job

We’re the Local Stafford, Virginia, Movers Who Go the Extra Mile

Moving and storage isn’t an easy business in which to succeed. The entrepreneurial history of Stafford is replete with movers who’ve not been able to last in this industry. Major Moving has persisted and succeeded for myriad reasons, chiefly because of our relentless dedication to offering the absolute best possible customer service.

What does that mean? It means being available, responsive, and punctual. Excellent customer service means setting expectations and achieving them with aplomb and a smile. And as much as anything else, to become a local industry leader among movers in Stafford, the concept of customer service must include a level of expertise and aptitude for the techniques of moving and storage that cannot be matched by any competitive rival.

Contact our office Stafford and make the choice to become a customer of Major Moving. We guarantee you’ll appreciate our brand of personalized, just-get-the-job-done-right kind of customer service.

Local Movers Who Know Stafford County and All Northern Virginia

You’ll Get a Dedicated Moving Coordinator Who Operates With Military-Like Efficiency

Founded in 2005 by a veteran of the United States armed forces, Major Moving is guided by certain principles taken from our military experience:

  • You can always get the job done well if you take care of the little things.
  • Clear communication is absolutely essential.
  • A team operates best when the teammates work together with great attitudes to accomplish a pre-defined goal.
  • Efficiency is everything.

Moving your household goods, office furniture, or commercial inventory isn’t much different than moving supplies for troops. It’s pure logistics, and it requires logistical know-how augmented by hands-on experience. Not just anyone can handle all the critical areas of a move – organizing, packing, heavy lifting, loading the truck, arranging and re-arranging, securing valuables, tying down the load, transporting, unloading the truck, unpacking, coordinating fellow movers and working in conjunction with and with the approval of the client – and provide a stress-free job every time. It takes specialized training and plenty of wisdom gained from years of experience.

Major Moving makes a habit of providing an excellent job at an affordable price every time. We train each moving team to analyze the circumstances presented by their next move super-quick, determining what actions must take priority – e.g., begin loading bulky items, organize belongings by type, determine the best entry and exit points from the house, deploy packing materials, wrap that favorite chair, etc. – and immediately commence the moving process . . . and it is a process, one we perform exceptionally well.

It’s how Major Moving has become recognized in Stafford County and throughout NoVA as one of the foremost professional local moving companies in business.

Making Your New Home In Stafford County, Virginia?

George Washington Slept Here. Now You Will Too!

Did you know that Stafford County VA is the childhood home of George Washington? It’s true. The eventual Father of Our Country grew up on Rappahannock Farm – now known as Ferry Farm because a ferry was necessary to cross the Rappahannock River – from the age of 6 until he was 21 years old.

Stafford (then known as King George County in Washington’s time) has always been a place of amazing history and special people, and if your next move is into Stafford County, Virginia, you’ll literally become part of the amazing history here.

Local or Long Distance Moves in Stafford County, We’ll Get It Done Right

Our Professional Moving Services Reach Everywhere In Stafford

Have trucks, will travel. When we say we cover Stafford County VA, we really mean it. We offer Major services to commercial and residential customers throughout the Stafford region, helping folks quickly get moved in and settled into their new Stafford home.

Our trucks have traveled the roads of Stafford County on the way to places like:

  • Stafford
  • North Stafford
  • Roseville
  • Garrisonville
  • Aquia Harbour
  • Ramoth
  • Falmouth
  • Dahlgren Junction
  • White Oak
  • Payne’s Corner
  • Dodd’s Corner
  • Widewater Beach

Like the old song goes, we’ve been everywhere, man. Our moving crews also move customers to, from, and within areas outside of Stafford, including Fredericksburg, Dumfries, and Quantico.

Make Your Best Move When Moving To Stafford County

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When professional service matters, call the most professional movers in Stafford County, Northern Virginia, and the entire DC Metro area: Major Moving of the DMV.

Whether you need residential or commercial moving services, take one less worry out of your upcoming move. Rely on the precision work, efficient packing, punctual arrival, and experienced moving and storage knowledge that every Major Moving crew offers on each job.

It’s easy to make an appointment with one of our highly trained crews. Just call us at (703) 832-1347, or email contact@MajorMovingDMV.com, or click on the Contact button at the top of this webpage and request your FREE quote on top-quality moving services to, from, or in Stafford County, Virginia.

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